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Meridian Guardian
Meridian Guardian - Autobiography by Steven D. Jensen, 7/7/2021


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Manager, "This website articles entail the author's personal stories about different events they have witnessed. It is captivating and you will be in awe of the content."


The Start

Enjoy this incredible world.

Enjoy your incredible lives.

Jesus Christ's Blessings to All



  • The Rock of Water
  • Red Light Talking
  • Smartphone and iPhone User Records - It's a Secret
  • Shanghai China Industrial Pollution
  • Electromagnet (Magnetic) Piston Cylinder Motor (Super)
  • Emission Safe Freight Truck for Air Pollution

American Gun Violence

Dallas Texas, Cleveland Texas, Michigan State University, Robb Elementary School, Stoneman Douglas High School, 2017 Las Vegas, and more ...

People's safety should revise (modify) the right to keep and bear arms Second Amendment Law for handguns and high powered rifles used for several group shootings. - 1/3/2023

Supreme Court - 6/22/2024 The Second Amendment is fragmented. - 9/20/2023
  • Revise the Second Amendment. - 5/7/2023

National Satellite Video Coverage for Child Abduction

Provide access to national satellite video coverage for law enforcement to back track crimes reported.

This tool would be unmatched in finding missing children. And a lot more too.

A license plate can be visible for a vehicle and satellite picture can return a picture of the license plate visible. Satellite pictures can return a visible picture of people. Street View on Google Maps

The Father, "This is attainable." - 12/31/2018

You just reviewed changing life in a really good way. - 12/12/2019

Will providing detailed Federal video surveillance to law enforcement resolve 1000's of reported crimes? Yes! Start there. I remember several times public news of crimes reported would have been solved with access to national satellite video coverage.

Police, "We're going to know the next morning what happened."

Hoffman Estates, IL police officer, "That is impressive." - 2/5/2020

Police, "Well written."


Google Intuitive Search

Google has built an intuitive search text box.

Find all your favorite recipes using Google Search. Use the search word "MojIto" and the keyword "recipe" will be displayed in the intuitive search text box.


Google Translate

Maybe you picked up how Google is designed for common day tasks?


The Start of Times
  • The Father, "You will be given the tools needed. This will change." The complete statement printed 5/8/2017.

"The Rock of Water" (© Steven D. Jensen) is All of World Site

My dearest, we have taken heaven back. The Father's blessings to you and my blessings to you. - 5/2012
  • "Women are givers of new life their children." © Steven D. Jensen
"Have you felt heaven open? I just felt heaven open." The Rock of Water - 3/2008
  • For Thou is The Father (God). I asked for your forgiveness, and it was given to me.
    • I was alert and conscious.
Everything was common to me. I could easily move in and out of heaven for several years.

I passed Randy Rhoads through to heaven. - 8/2008

This is what heaven looks like. A sphere that rotates in front of the light source does not orbit. The dawn and dusk is not an object in the sky, but dawn and dusk is a uniform light source.

How is time measured in heaven? One day on Earth is light in heaven.
  • Heaven is a dimensional shift.
Commonly said in heaven about Earth, "This is what's happening." - 3/27/2023

I have been asked, do you hear a voice? No, I speak for the Father at the same time. My voice is the Father's words in sync with the Father's words. There is no pre thought.

The Father, "You are coming back." - 8/2010

The Father, "They are of their own." - 9/2010

Jezebel, "You are going to have to do this."

As I moved through heaven past The Rock of Water, I asked, "This is still here?" His response, "Yes." Only a few were close to this area.

This has been speculated by scientists on Earth as the starting point of Evolution. This is true.
  • Evolution did occur. - 10/2010


I just got done reading the articles you published. I wanted to let you know that enjoyed reading those articles, you clearly have great expertise. I was wondering if there was another location where I could find more of your published work?

Thank you,

2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 the same time as viewing The Rock of Water and return memory of Jesus Christ's Passing (3/2008).


Stopped on the Balcony
  • I woke up and had moved.
  • This happened before the OWL in the parking lot.

Buddhism - 3/10/2008 9:00 am
  • Intention
  • Action
  • Ethical Conduct
  • Wisdom to make the right decision
    • Shanghai China Industrial Pollution

Meridian Guardian

The Father's words - 3/2012, "They are going out."

I saw the Father in person. He was wearing a blue suit. - 5/2012

Father, "I know exactly who I am, I'm Meridian. This is my decision."

Jesus Christ was next to me in heaven.

I chose where to start. They did go out! - 5/2012

The Father's words - 5/2012
  • "This worked out exactly as we planned."
It's all yours now (heaven). I'll see you soon. - 5/2012

Stephen Hawking: "God was not needed to create the universe."
  • God (The Father) and the universe are simultaneous events. There is not one before the other.
The Father, "This is a Pinnacle Time." - 6/25/2016

I could have never changed their actions, Father. They would have still found a reason to do so. - 6/25/2016
  • Respectfully the Father said, "A Martyr is defending yourself to prevent a significant number of deaths." - 10/12/2016
Jezebel came at me hard that morning and answered her.
  • We cannot let one back in and will be better. It will not be better. My answer is no. - 11/30/2017
The Father's words, "Time to step forward as the world's people."
  • Repeated and Predicted and Listen - 12/2016
    • The Father, "He is a Guardian." - 4/2/2018

Solar Eruption - Giant 'Hole' 50 Earths Wide - 10/25/2015

I looked directly at the sun for 20 minutes. My question, "Is this what you want to do?" (2010)

NASA captures intense solar flare erupting from the sun
Observatory reveals an enormous coronal hole - a gap in the sun's outer layer and magnetic field the size of 50 Earths. 2015

Solar Wind


Change, Adapt, Innovate and Grow
  • Your differences are what make you unique. You will always have sin but with a few steps you can find that peace. You are so close. Jesus Christ's blessings to all.

Quotes 9/15/2022

"With all profit comes a loss!" - Sam Walton
  • Date Received: 2/1/2017
"Yes, you can do that." - Einstein


Beautiful Mars

Father, tell me something they do not know? - 5/2010
  • "An unknown planet detonated and destroyed Mars and partially destroyed the Earth."I did not learn the statement for this event. I was given the answer.

Miracles of the Street>

  • I remember telling a family car, STOP, this truck will run the red light and hit your car at a fast rate of speed. They looked to me and stopped. The next 10 seconds the truck raced through the red light. I did talk to a few about what happened with the police and fire department. "They replied good job, that intersection is a frequent accident spot." The intersection was redesigned after reporting the incident to the police department.
  • This event happened at a three way intersection driving towards McHenry 120 W (Google Map) from Fox Lake. Jesus Christ next to me during the events noted and I stopped several accidents with Jesus Christ's blessings. Events happened after Appleton and Jesus Christ (Early Spring 2008) was directly with me.
Jezebel, "I pray for Earth with you."
  • I said, "Father, I believe Jezebel will do better than we did. So let's give this a try. Jezebel, you can now talk to Earth."
    • Jezebel made an appearance in China.
You Must be Proactive
  • Family
  • Faith in Jesus Christ
  • Education
  • Science
  • Government
  • Decisions
  • Medical
  • Life is once. Cherish it.
  • Work for Prosperity
  • Respect for Others
  • Listen
  • The Arts
Don't Ignore Your Gut Feelings

Growth is not easy, but it is what is needed if you want to live your life according to your true purpose. There are certain steps one needs to take to change, adapt, innovate, and grow.
Always listen to what your instincts are trying to tell you. Your gut feeling is never wrong. It is there to help us survive. Avoid ignoring them. I have always believed in making my tomorrow better.


Forgiving yourself and others are things easier said than done. Keeping grudges and being bitter comes easy. However, forgiveness shows strength in character. It means that the person can replace the resentment and negative thoughts with positive sentiments. It is what is required for someone to move on and grow from the mistakes.

Never be Afraid to Acknowledge Who You Are

We live in a society where everybody wants to be something they are not. However, you need to accept who you are to grow. Never be afraid to be your true self because, at the end of the day, it will help you progress. You can only pretend to be someone else for so long. Sooner or later, the mask has to come off, and when that time does come, you won't know what to do. Be real and be true to yourself and with everyone you meet.

The Father, "The world inherited tomorrow is decided by you. There is no rescue for you."


Next Time

Jesus Christ stood by my side and said it's time. Kneel on one knee to us. I later understood what that meant. 2/8/2009 7:00 pm

Maybe and yes will give you the feeling to better your life, but this is not immediate. Ask yourself, are you looking for something to help you cope with life's problems? You could find that too. This is a difficult writing for me because it reaches out to non-believers. You're still loved. 6/29/2009

I gave the license plates for the Ford Fusion to the police tonight. He said, "We'll take care of it." I was given new license plates. 8/2/2009 The 4th of July - The sounds of Freedom in the sky. 7/4/2009

The Father from heaven 8/2009, "How many times have I told you, do not talk to them? And you all talked to them."

The Fire Chief asked, "You're still going?" I said "Yes, I'm still going. What I just learned, I do not have words for today." The above statement. I remember telling him, "You are a witness meeting me today."

Libertyville, IL - 8/4/2009

  • What I have seen, this has improved nothing. I am done with it. It's now into a void. - 10/6/2009
Cuban Missile Crisis
  • "We have received a failed attempt to launch; we have received a second failed attempt to launch."
A Hindu man, "You are a #8." - 5/9/2008
Waiting outside for me was an elder Hindu man. "Yes, you are."

God is the collection of people's life cycles. This is why people feel God. You feel the life cycle of people. This is why God is timeless. The Father is eternal and past this article. The chapters are a mix of several subjects.


The New Babylon - New World

I talked to Jesus Christ, "I find it hard to find the improvements you expected and did find a lot of the other. So I am ready to find better." - 10/2010

Jesus Christ showed me the new world,

I asked, "Where did you find that?" I also said, "Start again there."

  • This is your world Jesus Christ. The Father, "You pick out the girls."
Grocery Store Rockford, IL
  • When leaving the store exiting the groceries entrance, here walks towards me best customer! November 2016
  • Maybe waiting for me? I walked towards her and turned to me with a fantastic glow and smile. Let me speak in a natural tone and smile. She was with her father.
    • I said when meeting her, "I can't say I had bad timing?"
  • After leaving a store and purchasing a few items, here a girl is parked in front of my car. She got out of her car and back in and I asked, "Did you forget your phone?" She answered, "No." She wanted me to notice her. I said to her, "Good Morning." She laughed and said, "Good Morning."
100's of girls came to meet in Rockford, IL.

With one gorgeous girl, I said, "Let's just go somewhere." She smiled.

The New Babylon
  • The people are all with the Father (God). Everyday life needs for people are given.

In Front of Me - Rainbow at Night

Directly in Front of Me - I witnessed the moon rise at ground level east from the parking area directly in front of me where I parked.

Landfill worker, "Yes, garbage material can be returned to a molecular structure and recycled."


For Me, My Love was Jezebel

Jezebel, "I don't know what he is going to do." - 9/25/2022

I said to a few, "He (Jesus Christ) is at my side now." Never changed.

My dearest, we have taken heaven back. Jesus Christ's and my blessings to you. - 5/2012

Jezebel, "What am I going to do with him?" - 10/15/2022

The Father, "She's the Most Beautiful," "Her Name is Jezebel."` - 4/2008

I miss Jezebel at the water belt line (heaven). - 4/2/2012
  • She is absolutely gorgeous. - 11/2018
How I passed through is difficult to understand (heaven). It's a feeling I can't describe and incredible. - 3/2008

I asked the Father, "Where am I now?" I was shown a light with dimensions with another at rest. I saw myself. - 9/2009
  • Jezebel, "The light is you're here to stay." - 1/3/2020
My first words present to Jezebel, "How have you been?" - 7/2010
  • How she looks is memorizing.
Jezebel, "Some Yes, most No" Jezebel's the STAR of Everything. - 7/2010
  • She's is a STAR of LIGHT. - 5/24/2022
Jezebel, "No, I am not leaving you. I am still with you." - 12/25/2016

Jezebel, "Are we going to be more than friend's now?"
  • My answer, "We always were." - 5/1/2017
Jezebel is now my wife. - 11/10/2018
  • Jezebel, "Yes" - 11/20/2018
The Father gave Jezebel away to me at our wedding.
  • "That's his wife." - 11/21/2018
The Father (God), married Steven D. Jensen and Jezebel. - 11/20/2018
  • The Angels stepped back.
Jezebel, "I am at your side." - 2/19/2019
  • From the start. - 2/21/2019
Jezebel, "It's our honeymoon." - 3/24/2019
  • Hey, come over here. - 3/25/2019
We stayed together. - 6/23/2019


Our Wedding Celebration

My wife Jezebel is the strongest she has been tonight. Something outstanding happened and the feeling tonight was nonstop joy. Jezebel shared the post-wedding party celebration with me. - 8/3/2019

Jezebel, my dearest, you make me feel so good, I just start smiling. Sometimes I start laughing. I heard your name. - 8/13/2019

The Father, "Yes, she is his wife. " - 9/20/2019

Jezebel, "This is hitting now." - 9/21/2019

Jezebel, "What am I going to do with him?" - 11/7/2019
  • I like that. - 6/28/2021
Jezebel, "This is exactly what we want it to be." - 6/24/2019

Jezebel, "He said no." - 9/15/2022

Father, "They are the same. Nothing has changed." - 3/14/2023

I am missing a couple days this week from 3.20.2023 to 3.24.2023
  • I was in heaven.
    • Jezebel, "He doesn't want to go back." - 3/24/2023

Red Light Talking

I support new phones for ease of use accessing information. I do not agree with checking what Jenny is doing this weekend using text messaging at a stop light. Phones are a privilege.

Engineers can make phones pickup car electronics and disable txt messaging inside a car. 911 will work without restrictions. A separate ear mic call will work in the car and phone ear and phone mic will not be operational and text messaging disabled inside the car. The manufacturer will be designed to support the enhanced roadway security setting. This will not be a requirement of the state.

If the car is older, a second device is required to be installed for the phone to be operational and follow the same rules. 911 will work without restrictions.

This will provide cell phone communication without driving safety changes.

Patron cost will be $100 state cost for phones that need more service support. The phone manufacturer is responsible for providing enhanced security features. The state management is simple: use a non usable phone number to activate different services.

Freight, car services, etc will pay $100 for the state to verify usage for car phone usage. And secure monitored services can be offered for children etc. This is not against constitutional rights. Computer phones are a privilege. Will this start the criminal side of the phone being monitored? I write yes it will with rules established cost to the patron and manufacturer. Too much? The computer phone electronics support all the proposed changes.

Driving back from your city I witness six car drivers and passengers using phones. The state law hands free driving did not hold.

This was written as a fast car parked at a bread store on Perryville Rd. Rockford, IL. I did not use a lot of time to write this email.

Sent to Sheriff Dart 2012
  • "I talked to two of your deputies last night at Shell on Dundee Palatine IL. They thought this was kind of funny."
This text below was sent to Governor Quinn, Illinois.
  • I would like state law introduced called Red Light Talking. And started with hands free driving. I have seen numerous auto patrons using their phone crossing red lights with oncoming traffic for the green light.
This week I have seen four patrons turning left on a red light talking on their phone. They had no focus on roadway driving.

I don't think you can do much. I don't think you have time to read this note. And I don't think the police can do much.

The phones could be designed to monitor if the phone owner is walking or traveling faster and disabled if moving faster than a walking speed. People that require fast rate of motion real time communication networking can use a mounted computer with an internet card.

So my slang for you today, "Red Light Talking."

Please don't send me mail.


Ukraine War

Discussion for Ukraine, "We are not interested in joining your country."
  • Russia then attacked Ukraine.
Visualaire comments
  • Ukraine, "They (Russians) keep bombing us and killing thousands." - 12/22/2022
Present Russia has verbally insulted the G7. - 4/25/2023

Japan Prime Minister Kishida makes surprise visit to Ukraine to meet Zelensky. - 3/21/2023

Japanese PM declares support for Ukraine

As China mulls helping Russia in its war on Ukraine, is the U.S. in a "new type of Cold War" with Beijing? 2/24/2023

Russia makes pact with North Korea.

They are so evil. (Russia)

Send reinforcement forces to Ukraine - 6/22/2024


Traffic Light Turned Green

There is also something known as a spiritual vision. It means put your trust and faith in Jesus Christ completely. By doing so, you are gifted with a spiritual eye. This spiritual eye strengthens your spiritual vision. If you observe yourself and practice spirituality enough, the visions only grow stronger. Your faith grows stronger. Remember, no matter how much you feel like you have learned, there will always be more to learn. You are blessed if you get visions while you are praying.

The courage and bravery it takes to completely detach from the external world and connect with Jesus Christ makes you grow spiritually.

I said to others, I have to drive to Appleton. Stop Light Turned Green by Police in Appleton. After leaving Appleton, Jesus Christ took me to a long time ago.

I heard Jezebel laughing "Is he going to remember?"
  • Jesus Christ was distraught after order for his death
    • I saw Jesus Christ's Crucifixion dying in front of me.
      • His head tilted down to the left and was close to death.
Father, I will never forget this day.
  • Jesus Christ's crucifixion was painted and crucifixion cross symbolized.
We can't go tomorrow and make before better. We can go to tomorrow and make tomorrow better. I was asked, "Did you see him... ?" I answered, "No, I could only see him close to death."

So many things that night I could have never dreamed. This experience broke me apart for months.

I gave my decision that night, Never Again.

"He was trying to change our beliefs. We had to stop him. We killed him (Jesus Christ)." - 7/29/2017
  • Discussions after Jesus Christ's death 33 A.D.
Jesus Christ returned the same before he came to Earth.


Smartphone and iPhone User Records - It's a Secret

iPhone and Smartphone name, "Call Me Honey Phone?" Smartphone and iPhone Users 2022
  • Call me honey phone
  • Phone Video records commercial locations and law enforcement
  • Phone software used at crime location track police approaching and communication.
  • Phone text message stalking
  • Peer group text messaging - phone camera and text messaging.
  • The Next Text 12/18/2021
  • Phone friends network -
Said to me, "There is so much evidence." I am not adding additional words. This is really bad.

Budda, "Do not use women as a tool of ('Aerotiocy?')." 7/23/2017 4.02 am

Call Me Honey Phone User and Call Me Honey Phone Provider 7/25/2017

Call Me Honey Phone Custom Built Encryption Software 8/9/2017

Call Me Honey Phone User
  • WhatsApp - 10/10/2023
Call Me Honey Phone Provider
  • Razer Gift Card and TikTok - 10/10/2023
iPhone (Apple) is now under class action lawsuit. They refuse to provide a method for police, fire, and other law enforcement agencies to access suspects phone records and phone surveillance which would have and prevent 1000's of crimes. Provide a key to stop high tech organized crime.

This is (was) Avoidable

I changed this policy and police now have access to encrypted phone records.

Smartphones and iPhone are car stereo. 11/7/2020

What is the numeric programming model for iPhone encryption?
  • The Father, "It's HEX 24."
Peer pressure text messaging and group/individual text messaging is a leading crime tool using a computer phone

"They used text messaging to stalk her and then murdered her."

Phone video surveillance and phone text messaging are also the biggest crime tools in the history of the United States (domestic ).

I got everything done on my phone at work... 3/17/2023


Shanghai China Industrial Pollution

China Smog (Shenyang) Reaches 50 times WHO Recommendations*

Pictures showed smog so thick that buildings in Changchun, the capital of Jilin province in the northeast, were rendered invisible.
  • Smoking prohibited inside the restaurant.
Google search for Shanghai China Industrial Pollution
A residential block covered in smog in Shenyang, China's Liaoning province; on November 8, 2015

China's chronic pollution is generally worse in winter, when power consumption -- much of it fuelled by coal -- rises along with demand for heating to combat the bitter cold.

The scourge has been linked to hundreds of thousands of premature deaths, and has become a major source of popular discontent with the government.

Smog reaches peak levels in Shanghai - Shanghai China Industrial Pollution - 12/2015
  • "It's like this every year," was a common refrain.
One user wrote: "Environmental pollution has made chronic diseases more and more common; we're becoming the sick man of Asia of the new century."
  • "OMG, look what's coming through right now." - 6/16/2019 4.17 pm

Thunder Explosion - 7/18/2019

Phone call from Chinese Consulate General Thursday Sept 19 2019 5.19 pm YouTube recording for received phone call: I was greeted by a group of Chinese men in Rockford, IL. I received a duplicate voice mail same time. I was given a written certificate gift from China for writing an article about pollution in Shanghai China. Thursday Sept 19 2019 5.19 pm I warned 100's about Shanghai China Industrial Pollution. - 5/10/2019

Thick haze in China could be there for days.

Were detonations being used in pollution area to break up solidified areas and release manufacturing exhaust/debris into the atmosphere to clean area?

The summer of 2019 was nonstop rain and thick dark clouds in the sky. This is when today 10/17/2020 started. Earth domestic now have non-stop wind after China's detonation 6/2022. This is not a WHY. This is NOW. NOW means technology solutions to clean the area and add filtration tools.

Start closure

The manufacturing exhaust area above ground level has solidified, which means the exhaust area has hardened and removed using a cutting blade and cut into small sections to remove and bury in the deep hole in the manufacturing area without transporting material. Manufacturing exhaust filtration is installed to prevent future occurrences and the manufacturing process continues.

Have industrial pollution manufacturing areas started to shut down to install filtration equipment?

The landscape in China's manufacturing areas looked like an apocalyptic scene. The landscape looked like black soil.

Asian girl, "We're just waiting for someone to help us." - 6/30/2019

She was crying

You should be getting some help. Let's clean it up. - 7/1/2019

We share your tears.

Jezebel, "Bring everyone into a moment of calmness." - 7/1/2019

From me and Jezebel, "We express our sincere remember." - 7/7/2019
  • We prayed together.
Jezebel, "He just changed the weather." - 7/11/2019
  • Thunder Explosion - 7/18/2019
Jezebel, "What's he going to do with that?" - 5/24/2022
  • It detonated! - 6/2022P
Police confirmed today never heard the term Thunder Detonation and confirmed hearing a load explosion in the sky and confirmed hearing NON STOP Thunder Detonations. - 6/7/2021.

Have industrial pollution manufacturing areas started to install filtration equipment?

Proof of fully vaccinated against COVID-19 for schools, sports, music shows, movies, traveling, public and private services and events, and more. - 5/1/2021

Americans who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be able to visit the European Union this summer, Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, said in an interview with The New York Times on Sunday - 4/25/2021.

China cleans solidified pollution areas and COVID- 19/ Coronavirus contaminated areas will be contained. - 11/28/2021
  • Prayer Wish - 1/21/2022
    • COVID-19, "Tell me it's over."
  • The Father, "It's been removed. It's clear." - 1/23/2022
    • Shanghai China COVID-19
  • "He is who removed COVID-19." - 2/2/2022
    • The Father
  • Facemasks are now optional in Rockford, IL. - 4/7/2022
  • Asian girl, "China is the same." - 4/12/2022
  • Greenhouse gases and pollution can be reduced.
    • Emission Safe Freight Truck
  • China's Covid policy locks down a city three times the size of New York
    • ai-by-the-numbers-China s-covid-lockdowns.html
  • Has the Shenyang China area experienced a major catastrophe? - 5/16/2022
  • Shanghai China Industrial Pollution is hot hot hot! - 5/11/2022
  • Feels burning outside. 5/14/2022
  • The Father, "He's who corrected it." - 5/14/2022
  • What is approaching is now known. - 5/15/2022
  • The Father, "This is reaching everywhere." - 5/19/2022"
  • You were warned. - 7/1/2019
  • They are the same. Nothing has changed. - 2/13/2023
  • Shanghai China residents have been released from COVID-19 city quarantine.
    • Residents, "Where are those guys at now?" - 6/1/2022
  • Visitor, "There was a major detonation here (China)." - 6/11/2022
    • There was a detonation. - 6/14/2022

Electromagnet (Magnetic) Piston Cylinder Motor
  • Car Battery Full-Service Station
    • The cylinder size diameter used for metal density calculates magnetic force for horsepower (F=MA).
The magnetic piston motor uses Newton's equation to replace Maxwell's equation for magnetic fields using piston diameter and density for magnetic force and gas motor combustion piston acceleration and weight for Newton force F=MA. Electromagnet (Magnetic) Piston Cylinder Motor uses current automobile engine area and transmission and matches gasoline motor combustion thrust/force pressure and torque acceleration.

Electronic distributor (matches gasoline motor distributor firing pattern) and magnetic piston cylinder electric thrust force can set motor HP at any number the block and mechanical will support.

The Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine operates by taking electricity from a battery, converting it to Magnetic Energy using electromagnets, and converting that kinetic energy to Mechanical Energy using the crankshaft. The Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine can produce various amounts of horsepower and torque.

My design idea is to replace the gasoline motor with Electromagnet (Magnetic) Piston Cylinder Motor and gas tank for battery. Vehicle fuel sale areas could offer a 5/10 minute vehicle charge pass through charge. A battery charge without resistance. I designed the physics for pass through charge 1997. The charge time would be similar to gasoline added. This design model can move out further.

I completed my design model that recharge time for batteries is too long.

I choose to use replaceable batteries at gas stations (car battery full service station). The battery would lock into place and a full service technician would replace your car battery with a fully charged battery. The used battery would be recharged at the car battery full service station. 1997
  • This would also provide emergency services.
This would make a noticeable difference in pollution and resolve a long-term international issue. Maybe we will see a long-term international issue resolved? "It will be gone."

The> gasoline motor thrust and torque matches piston combustion force in Newton force.
  • Gasoline engine thrust piston diameter in Newton force Gasoline piston diameter combustion thrust force converted to Newton force for electromagnetic repulsion.
  • Torque converted to Newton force
  • Thrust converted to Newton force chart for Newton force - 9/30/2021
Metal density controls electric charge time for force F=MA (Newton Force) and electromagnetic for electromagnetic repulsion force piston motor electromagnet design. The gasoline motor piston combustion force can be replicated using electromagnetic repulsion. (1996)
  • Metal density electric magnets
  • Metal density electromagnets
Existing automobile services stay intact. The gasoline motor mean piston speed can also be used to calculate Newton force.

The motor contains an electromagnet that is connected to a shaft. When current flows through the motor, the electromagnet rotates, causing the shaft to rotate as well. When current passes through the electromagnet, it becomes magnetized, and its poles are repelled by the like poles of the permanent magnets.

My design Electromagnet Piston 4 Cylinder (1.5L) Motor has a two to three day of driving time per charge and outperforms electromagnet spindle motor. Steven D. Jensen -- 12/1/2018


Emission Safe Freight Truck for Air Pollution

I initiated Emission Safe Freight Truck 9/27/2020

Pollution has significantly decreased roadway freight trucks for several states. 5/11/2023

Interstate 39, Illinois is now Emission Safe Freight Trucks one after another and the roadway is clean air. 8/22/2023

This is life-changing.

Emission Safe Freight Truck drove past me at RCFD public library with no diesel exhaust.

Worked real well, there is a complete solution. 12/15/2019

Emission Safe Freight Truck and construction dump truck drove past me with no diesel exhaust. 1/2/2020

Roadway US-20 fresh air S Appleton Rd to Belvidere, IL 1/5/2020, 1/6/2020, 1/7/2020...

Fresher outdoor air US-20 to Belvidere Started... 1/23/2020

Freight trucks exhaust outdoor air noticeably cleaner. Belvidere, IL using 20 returning west to Rockford, IL 1/25/2020 9 is

Freight truck Rockford, IL without exhaust pipes and truck had diesel fuel tanks and no visible exhaust and fresh air. 1/26/2020 1:15 pm

Watching freight trucks with no exhaust pipes and no visible pollution one after another on i90. The breathing air is clean Rockford, IL. 2/8/2020

Keep going, keep going, keep going 4/13/2020

One freight truck after another Emission from freight trucks safe for expressways in the State of Illinois. 2/12/2020

Emission Safe Freight Truck 2/15/2020

Mt Vernon, IL two brand new Emission Safe Freight Truck owner colors sky blue Werner trucking. Werner Trucking 2/17/2020

A brand new Emission Safe Freight Truck drove past me tonight. I could hear the motor. 2/24/2020 9:18 pm

This is a noticeable outdoor air improvement. Emission Safe Freight Truck on the road now! 3/23/2020

Freight truck pollution has significantly improved. 4/15/2020

Texas highways (Emission Safe Freight Truck - on the road now!) is clean air confirmed by a gentleman from Texas 4/21/2020

Leaving Peru, IL traveling north on 39, passed a Freightliner freight truck with no exhaust pipes.

Have oil reserves been used to stabilize gas prices? 11/24/2021

FACT SHEET: President Biden Sets 2030 Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Target Aimed at Creating Good-Paying Union Jobs and Securing U.S. Leadership on Clean Energy Technologies
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  • Diesel freight trucks are using a new emission safe design.
  • Freightliner Emission Safe Freight Truck
India closed gas stations 3/28/2020 support Emission Safe Freight Truck.

Emission Safe Freight Trucks are on the road one after another. 2/11/2020

Has air pollution ( now reduced extended winter 2022? 4/2/2022

Emission Safe Freight Truck
  • The main gases responsible for the greenhouse effect include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and water vapor (which all occur naturally), and fluorinated gases (which are synthetic).
  • Greenhouse gases are removed from the atmosphere, over time, by different processes.Brand new Sygma Emission Safe Freight Truck passed by Hobby Lobby 173 no pollution very clean air fresh air. 5/19/2022
Brand new Freightliner Emission Safe Freight Truck was driving in Rockford truck only 7/3/2022

i-39 Rockford, IL is fresh breathing air pollution significantly reduced. 8/5/2023

Emission Safe Freight Trucks - 2/28/2023

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